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The promptest growth of number of small enterprises was noted in science and scientific service (by 3,4 times, agriculture (by 3,1 times, mainly at the expense of farmer hozyayst, the general commercial activities for ensuring functioning of the market (by 2,6 times, trade (by 2,2 times at the beginning.

As a rule, the venture firm addresses to investors at a stage of emergence of a prototype of future batch production which cornerstone essentially new technical or technological solutions are. After scientific and commercial examination to the investor suggest to risk the capital under guarantees of venture firm in types of receiving high profits.

The administration for small business of the USA carries to small enterprises which are in independent possession and management, do not hold an ascendent position in branch and employ no more the 500th persons.

The growth of the small construction enterprises noted against the proceeding recession of industrial and housing construction happened at the expense of sharp increase in volumes of individual building, and also reconstruction and a construction office and warehouse.

Speaking about development of small business in Italy, it should be noted that here regional features of development of economy have special impact on branch structure of small business. Here two various regional economic models work.

So, in France the handicraftsman is the one who will organize the enterprise on the means, possesses professional qualification, provides plant management and takes personal part in its work. Number occupied at such enterprise should not exceed 10 people, including the owner, family members helping him, hired workers and pupils.

There is a wrong opinion as if the small enterprise — is the special organization founded on specific form of ownership. Actually all specifics are reduced to scales of production or rendering services.

Small and medium-sized companies do not concede large in the organization of management, training, innovations. The considerable part of opening and innovations to what the following data testify are the share of small business:

Besides, creation of small enterprises in a services sector is quite often connected with partial diversification of large business (allocation of such functions as protection, operation, repair, an aftersales service, etc.).

The first developed in the northwest of Italy which centers are Milan, Turin and Genoa. For this region the abundance of the large industrial enterprises specializing on mass production or continuous technological processes is characteristic. Respectively here development of small and medium-sized enterprises is subordinated to needs of large-scale industry. The growing interaction of the small and large enterprises affects not only production. It covers all kinds of activity serving the industry: financial and technological spheres, design and innovations, supply and sale.