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Development of the foreign trade transport infrastructure of Khabarovsk Krai, increase of competitiveness of goods in foreign markets, large-scale updating of fixed assets of the FPG participating enterprises will become the purpose of FPG fixed in the charter. Will be a part of FPG

Serious problems arise in the social sphere. Main consists of them that aging of fleet and reduction of number of vessels conducts to prompt reduction of number of workplaces. In port authority not less than 5 seamen daily request providing work on vessels of one of the shipping companies serving Vanino Port. The majority of them should refuse.

Of course, formation of FPG conducts to concentration of production and the capital and in no small measure promotes strengthening of monopolization of the markets and national economies. But can not promote, after all FPG to become quite capable the instrument not of elimination, and development of the competition and restriction of monopolism.

Now subcontractors became stronger also the nezavisimy. They expand business and run business with the companies which are not entering FPG, and the assembly companies not necessarily interfere with it. actually even encourages the subcontractors to sell production to other companies. The assembly companies believe that too burdensome to contain a large number of dependent subcontractors.

Among such companies - Mitsui, Mitsubishi and Sumitomo - typical zaibatsu (the companies organized by the principle blood rodstvo. The history of Mitsui and Sumitomo goes back to the XVII century. Sumitomo began as the retail dealer in medicines, then based production on processing of copper and developed this business. Succeeded in this sector and expanded the business on other spheres and Mitsui. Mitsubishi began development with trade in the ships.

As shows world experiment, process of concentration of production and the more so capital not to monopolization process though between them there is a close connection. At the end of XIX - the beginning of the XX centuries these processes almost coincided, and monopolies had, as a rule, branch character. The trust, syndicate was larger, the its share in the relevant branch increased more strongly and that in a bigger measure he became a monopolist.

offset of debt of the participant of FPG, which action are realized at the investment competitions, in volume provided by conditions of investment competitions of investments for the buyer - the central company of the same FPG;

For FPG roles in integration processes of the CIS countries it is necessary to stop especially. In market conditions cooperation by means of creation of TFPG - the most acceptable means of a joint survival. However activity of such associations encounters considerable difficulties.

Exchange of information about production plans and the program of investments on the future increases efficiency of business as supplier, and the buyer. Of course, there is a risk of abuse of information but if one of the parties uses it, the mutual trust on which long-term business relationship is based will be broken.

Activity of FPG is based only on mutually beneficial relations. The main postulates are regarded as of paramount importance: money cannot arise from money; the income of the investor has to be connected with production or trade, to have especially concrete character; relationship is under construction on the basis of partnership; each participant of FPG pursues own, specific aims, but traditionally they are as follows:

The similar transport organization could coordinate in a whole common regional interests of edge to interests of the industrial, trade, transport, financial structures connected with foreign economic activity of Khabarovsk Krai, export-import transportations, delivery of freights to the Okhotsk Coast, implementation of shelf programs on Sakhalin. It is necessary things are easy - to convince all interested persons that they are really interested in creation of FPG. But it already absolutely other subject, worthy, perhaps, Daley Carnegie.