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In this regard the quantity of elements of a fighting order of a motor-rifle battalion, more various, than increases earlier, to become its construction. The fighting order of a battalion consists now of companies of the first echelon with their means of strengthening, the company of the second echelon or a reserve, means of antiaircraft defense and fire weapons remaining in direct submission of the commander of a battalion, and also the battallion back.

The second echelon intends for accumulation of efforts and development of success of the first echelon, replacement of the divisions of the first echelon which suffered losses, reflections of counterattacks of the opponent, conducting approach on the new direction.

Understanding the received task, the commander of a battalion to seek to understand in what the plan of the commander of a regiment on performance of a fighting task, especially the sequence of defeat of the opponent, objects struck by means of the senior commanders on the direction of action of a battalion, a fighting task, a place in a fighting order and a battalion role in fight, tasks of neighbors and a poryadokvzaimodeystviye with them, and also an available time for performance of a task consists. On the basis of the understood task the commander of a battalion draws conclusions in which defines, in what direction the main efforts of a battalion are concentrated; how to construct a fighting poryadoka what is the time including light, is available on the organization of fight.