An Ode To Point Of View

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The knowledge is a pripominaniye. Before the installation in a cover of a shower stayed in the sky and beheld the truly real there. Having connected to a body of a shower forgets that knew, but in depth this knowledge remains. Vlspriyatiya the mat of subjects is reminded to soul by the knowledge forgotten by it.

Life - identical and invariable, however in dialogues the Sophist and Parmenid P. pry to a conclusion that the highest childbirth real - Life, move., rest, identity and change - can is thought only in such a way that each of them both is and is not, and to a rava to himself and is not equal., both it is identical to itself and comes to other. So life as it in itself - is uniform, eternal, identical, invariable, not movably, but it as it on to other, comprises distinction, floatingly, movably. Therefore life in itself contradictions: it is uniform and multiple, is eternal and is passing, is invariable and changeable.

M.'s structure includes also ideals. And. can be both evidence-based and illusory, both achievable and unreal. As a rule they are turned into the future. And. - basis of spiritual life of the personality. Existence And. in M. characterizes it as operezhayushche reflection, as force not only. the reality but also focuses on its change.

MEGARSKAYa: Connected Abbr. virtue to Parmenidovsky life. General and edelimy life carries the har.vseobshchy benefit. All single _ loses the status of independent reality. I.e. only the general is real.. only necessary, opportunity is not present.

Whether there is an internal division. perspectives, in general oriyentiovanny on identification the otnoshey people with the world? In antiquity such division was planned though it also does not coincide with we will tell lies. struktkry. knowledge, and first of all ant. t. included that structure of knowledge, a cat. in a consequence departed to eats. to sciences.

T. arose with transferring of the main attention and the people in his relation to the world, i.e. on the people learning. and creating the world. With a current of history concrete filling of these general specifics. a subject it was repeatedly updated, filled with new semantic nuances, but always in a basis. knowledge installation on clarification of communication between the people and the world, i.e. on clarification of the internal purposes, reasons and ways of knowledge and transformation of the world by the person lay.

At D. move. atoms in it is empty. the fur is caused. not round. AA. believes that. it is caused. sv-vy atoms - their weight, a cat. along with their form, situation and order there is important an object. definition of atom. Stake. forms of atoms it is limited,. atom not of the International Federation of Journalists. to possess. to a tyazhesye. At move. atoms can spontaneously. and. to pass to a small corner with. ways move. on the curvilinear. It. not round. condition of freedom of the person.

Since things it is passing that they there have to be obuslovlea not life, but also a non-existence. This non-existence is a matter. (regional the movements, emergence and changes) Mater assumes ideas and them in a great number of h. the things divided by space.

In S.'s ethics to an otzhdestvlyaa virtue with knowledge. There is no person, a cat. knowing that he can make something luchshey, would begin to do the worst opposite. Bad action is ignorance, and wisdom - perfect knowledge.

For an explanation of real variety of reality of D. assumes that atoms. in a form to an order and situation. These differences are also the cornerstone of all. differences. Any of them traces. not. the causeless. It denies existence of expediency in the nature.

T. current of sofas. it is non-uniform. La of all representatives of S. is most characteristic. the thesis about relativity of all people of concepts, ethical standards and estimates. Protagor: "The person is a measure of all things existing they., and not. that they not. "

ANAKSIMEN. Time of a gain of Miletus Persians. Pervoveshchestvo - air. All substances turn out by means of a condensation and discharge of air. Air is the breath embracing the whole world. The earth - a disk,. vozhdukhy.