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Also gifted artists were fond of a cinema: A. Blok V. Bryusov, V. E. Meyerhold. Kindly K. Stanislavsky, V. Nemirovich-Danchenko, F.Shalyapin, O. Knipper-Chekhova, etc. the largest cultural figures spoke of cinema.

With implementation of the director's concept V. E. Meyerhold has to be helped by the artist. The artist had to destroy reliability illusion, and create the conditional registration expressing director's idea at theater. For this purpose V. E. Meyerhold tried to destroy three-dimensional scenic space and to turn into the two-dimensional. Scenery were replaced with a picturesque panel, the scenic platform decreased and was its appendage (it was often taken out on a proscenium). The actor the director treated as a colourful spot because interested him on a scene not only expression of real characters, how many disclosure of essence of the symbolical play through director's idea. He sought to replace credibility illusion with convention. It became as opposed to the Moscow Art Theatre at which the plan of the playwright always came to light and the central value of works of the actor in a performance was continued emphasized.

At all the internal contradictions the futurism played a certain role in formation of the largest poets: such as Mayakovsky, Khlebnikov, Pasternak, Aseev, etc., and also brought much in poetry: new lexicon, rhythmics, innovative rhyme of a verse. And Khlebnikov's word creation opened for poetry novel ways. Art of many "" passed test time and is going to enter the XXI century.

Traditions of critical realism continued to remain and develop in works of the great writer I.A. Bunin (1870-19 Most considerable works of this period – the story "Village" (191 and "Waterless valley" (19

K. A. Korovin's talent equally brightly revealed as in easel painting, first of all in a landscape, and in a theatrical dekaratsionnom art. The charm of korovinsky art consists in its warmth, sunniness, in ability of the master directly and vividly to transfer the art impressions, in generosity of his palette, in caloric richness of its painting ("At a balcony", 1888-1889; In "Winter", 1894-; both in GT.

Culture one of the most important areas of public life. In the concept "culture" of people and his activity act as the synthesizing basis as the culture is creation of the person, result of its creative efforts. But in culture of the person not only the being operating, but also changing.

The Moscow Art Theatre, addressing to fashionable dramatic art of symbolists, did not forget about classics: "Month in the village" I. S. Turgeneva (it is thin. Dobuzhinsky)," Even a wise man stumbles" A. N. Ostrovsky (it is thin. Kustodiye, "Imaginary invalid" of Ge. B. Molière, "The owner of hotel" C. Goldoni (Stanislavsky and Benois agreed on criticism of "conditional theater"), "Brothers Karamazov" of F. M. Dostoyevsky (it is thin. Dobushinsky), etc.

Broad development was gained by symphonic and chamber genres. Glazunov created eight symphonies and the symphonic poem "Stepan Razin" (188 Sergey Ivanovich Taneev (1856-191 composes symphonies, piano trios and quintets. And piano concerts of Rachmaninov (as well as Tchaikovsky's concerts and a violin concert Glazunov belong to tops of world art.