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Strategy for pte exam speaking 1

has an exact target focus, reflecting different inquiries, desires, interests of specific consumers and informing them so that considered distinctions of a consumer demand in a certain advertizing audience;

1 Outdoor advertizing — the advertizing placed on the main and foot highways, on squares, sports, exhibitions, stops of public transport and on vehicles in other places of a mass congestion, carry various advertizing banners, illuminated signs, electronic boards and screens, roof installations to it,, arms, marquises, pavement signs, banners, etc.

When you see good advertizing movies, you thumb through booklets, you examine posters, by all means you pay attention to expressiveness of color and spatial schemes. Everything is thought over to trifles. Everything is very beautiful, everything works for the purpose – to draw attention, to interest in the advertized goods. Color and a form emotionally influence the person.