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De Broil's hypothesis existence of waves of a matter was in details a, and consequences received from it could be subjected to experimental check. The main assumption of de Broil was that any material object possesses wave properties and wavelength is connected with its impulse the same ratio, length of a wave and an impulse of a photon are connected among themselves. Let's find the expression connecting an impulse of a with light wavelength. The impulse of a photon is defined by a formula:

Mutual transformations of light and substance. Deep ­ two various forms of a matter — substance in the form of various elementary particles and an electromagnetic field in the form of photons — it is found out not only in the dual corpuscular and wave nature of all material objects, but mainly that all known particles and photons are mutually turned.

 Quantum nature of light. Wave properties of light, in the phenomena of an interference and diffraction, and the properties of light which are shown at photoeffect and Compton's seem mutually excluding each other. However such contradictions existed only in physics. The quantum theory completely explains all properties of light from uniform positions. Characteristic feature of the quantum theory of light is the explanation of all phenomena including that, seemed explainable only from positions of the wave theory earlier. For example, the quantum theory describes the phenomena of an interference and diffraction of light as result of redistribution of photons in space.

Such formulation of a postulate of Bohr unites the statement about existence at an electron of wave and properties, reflecting its dual nature. of wave and corpuscular properties in this postulate because at calculation of wavelength of an electron the speed module received at calculation of the movement of an electron as charged particle on a circular orbit of radius of r.