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Hydrometeorological providing — who and in what time data on the direction and speed of a ground wind, a of air and the soil, and also data on an average wind and the forecast of.

The plan schedule has to be developed so that each expert of object accurately knew for what performance of actions he bears responsibility, in what volume and in terms this action is carried out.

Providing a public order — plan strengthening of protection on the most important production divisions and constructions, reception evacuation centers, points of disembarkation and other places of a congestion; people, and also regulation of the movement on important routes.

The plan of GO of objects for a peace time represents a of the documents defining an order of elimination of major production accidents, accidents and spontaneous. Plans are developed tekstualno with appendices in a of schedules and tables.

More long time, than to actions of the first and second sections is allowed for preparation of agricultural machinery, creation of of construction materials and spare parts for repair of agricultural machinery and the equipment.

Include actions for preparation for work of point of management, the equipment of means of communication of protective constructions in the fourth section, etc. To hold events of this section of a in the shortest terms, except for a on points of management of a stock of the food and.

Plan actions for maintenance at staff of of high organization, unshakable determination and in time to carry out the tasks (actions) set for them, of strict observance of security measures when carrying out works.

In respect of GO of object actions for protection of, workers, employees and members of their families are planned. Thus importance and feature of a production activity of object is considered. If the object continues work, engineering protection is planned in a work place in PRU and the elementary shelters calculated on a on shelter of all population which is constantly living and arrived from the city. In case of a lack of PRU their construction with attraction of local population and arrived from the city during evacuation and after its end is planned.