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The modern world economy cannot successfully develop without foreign investments. Many countries of the world actively invest the means in economy of other countries, gaining certain income and developing separate branches of a national economy of these countries.

One of the reasons of foreign investment activity became that 30 million Chinese live in Southeast Asia outside the country and often conduct successful business activity, or as it is characteristic for Hong Kong or Macau, are guided by the Chinese continent. Really, among the enterprises investing money in the Chinese OEZ at the first stage the enterprises from Southeast Asia prevailed, there were American, European, and after them also Japanese enterprises only later.

In the last decade OEZ of a scientific and technical orientation, including technopolises of type of the Silicon valley in California (SSh providing accumulation of scientific and industrial potential and reduction of the period of introduction of opening in production are very dynamic.

Now, more than ever, many countries of the world are put before objective need of activization of investment activity on creation of competitive economic systems, modernization and reconstruction of the operating structures, ensuring diversification of the capital in the direction of socially oriented structural transformations.

Recently considerable distribution was gained by such form of foreign investment as creation and functioning of the joint ventures (JV), especially in camps of the CIS. The joint ventures – form of cooperation of partners from several countries uniting the capital for implementation of joint production economic activity, managements and distributions arrived in proportion to the invested capital. Creation of the joint venture is directed on production of goods for the purpose of replenishment of the consumer market, introduction of the advanced achievements of science and technology, progressive technology, administrative experience, attraction of additional material and financial resources, acceleration of development of achievements of domestic science and equipment, expansion of export base and optimization of import deliveries.

Thus the capitals mainly concentrate in economically developed countries with high efficiency of work. Exactly here also the considerable part of the financial capital of economically backward countries, their natural resources and talents arrives.

Without investments modern creation of the capital, ensuring competitiveness of producers in foreign and domestic markets are impossible. Processes of structural and high-quality updating of a world commodity production and market infrastructure happen only by and due to investment. The more intensively it is carried out, the quicker there is a reproduction process, the more actively there are effective market transformations.

The second type of investors ("share") is connected with various funds and the similar organizations which in a set appeared recently. These investors aspire, as a rule in all civilized countries, and to diversification of own investments to provide to the investors worthy profit level. In recent years they stirred up the activity, especially in cases when their actions get support of official circles and financial institutions in own countries. It, for example, Soros funds, Fulbrayta, "Eurasia", etc.

Foreign partners have advantages at a rate of profit when using neakionerny forms of investment in comparison with creation of the joint venture thanks to collection of various payments for rendering of services. The range of these services is very wide: marketing, purchasing activity, transportations, insurance, instructions and grants on use of the equipment, advertizing activity, maintenance, etc.

The course of our country on transition to market economy provides updating of society, improvement and restructuring of domestic economy, rise of production and merge of social tension. The solution of these problems demands attraction in our economy of the foreign capital, that is a country exit the world market.